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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Spotting fake SMOK coils, V8 Baby X4 & V8 Baby T6

Spotting these coils is not easy at first glance, these coils are identical to look at with perfect engravings and packaging!

Even the scratch test works on the SMOK website!


But on a closer look you can spot which ones are fake!

The V8 Baby X4 should have 4 coils (quadruple coils)
The V8 Baby T6 should have 6 coils (sextuple coils)

So pop the bottom off one of your coils and look for the wires... (Ones at the top are real, bottom two are fake)

Here is closer look at the V8 Baby X4

A REAL COIL (two wires per coil)

A FAKE COIL (only one wire per coil)

Using fake coils may also cause your tank to leak from the air holes, I have lost lots of juice due to leaking from these bogus coils.

I hope this post helps people figure out why you have leaking SMOK tank and to spot these fake coils, even my local vaping shop was selling fake coils unknowingly...
The fake ones are very hard to notice unless you check the wires on the bottom.

& the scratch code is a joke as the fakers seem to have cracked the code with a code generator, so when you check the code on the official SMOK website it comes up as genuine!!

The packaging is also very good, and looks genuine!

Lucky for me I always keep the original parts from buy tank so that I can compare coils and spare parts when I buy them!

The first pack of fake coils were bought from Amazon with great reviews, and then I bought a single coil from my local vape shop which was also fake, so there must be an abundance of fake SMOK coils about!

Annoyingly the official SMOK shop does not sell the full range of coils, so finding a genuine seller will be hard...

I will update this post with original suppliers as soon as I find one!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Being charged for free text messages

Have you been charged for text messages when you have unlimited text messages on your monthly mobile tariff?

I am with O2 and recently noticed I was charged £6.33 for text messages.

Now I should only be charged for multimedia text messages. A multimedia text message is photo attached or a text message that is over 160 characters.

Now I don't mind being charged for sending a photo, and am aware that it costs me an extra 33p if I do.

But when I looked up the text message it was a short text I sent to family on newyear!
As you can see it was a short text message with no images or icons.

And I sent it to many on my contact list as did not want to manually send to each person.
The above is the list of charges for that text message.

I did get money back and will check other bills, but thought would share!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Accessing Torrent Sites Blocked in the UK? Piratebay.org - Kat.ph - H33T - Fenopy - BT - BskyB - o2 - TalkTalk - EE

http tunnel

So the high courts have ordered the UK's internet service providers to block access to torrent sites!

The court order was due to nine publishers, and was led by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), they quoted section 97a of the copyright, patents, and design act. and requested that BT, O2, Sky BB, EE and TalkTalk to block users from accessing these torrent sites.

Even though ISP's have been ordered by the high courts, none of them protested against the order.

Blocking started on the 22nd of March, and many more ISP's have started to follow.

Well... This is unfair to other legitimate users of torrent sites (and there are some, not everybody is downloading illegally using torrents).

Please tell us what you think in the comments!!
Is there a better way to stop illegal downloading?
Have you found another torrent site that has been blocked?
Are other ISP's blocking torrent sites?

The most annoying thing is that all of the illegal downloaders who sell dodgy DVD's will most likely already be bypassing these blocks. Only small downloaders or inexperienced downloaders will be affected (most of these users are legally downloading), which makes the whole thing seem pointless!

So I will show you how you can still access these sites if you wish.

Now torrents can not be stopped or blocked by ISP's (reason is that you are sharing directly with other users 'peer to peer'), but the sites that have the torrents can be blocked. I don't see how blocking these sites is the way, as this will force new sites to host torrents and the whole process will start again.

Anyway! to get access if you have been blocked:

A few methods of accessing these sites, most of them use proxies to bypass your ISP or any server!!
Easiest method is to use a site called http://come.in (this will bypass for you, but may get blocked in the future) Use a premium proxy service like Proxify
Or you can Google free proxy sites and use them to visit blocked sites (but some are filled with adverts and can be a lot slower)
Or you can setup your browser to use proxies, for instructions to do this please Google 'setup browser to use proxy'
Or you could create your own proxy site, download the script for free from http://glype.com (Simple to install, and if others use it you may even be able to make money from you newly created site, please note that most web hosting companies do not allow you to have these sites)

Anonymous Proxy Server
ISP's Affected:
British Telecom (BT)
Virgin Media
Sky Broadband

Torrent Sites Blocked:
Kat.ph (Kick ass torrents) - Currently in the top 50 visited sites in the UK


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Leaving Hastings Old Town

London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay Leaving Hastings Old Town

Video taken at the bottom of Old London Road, Hastings, East Sussex.

I almost had an 'Olympic epic fail' as my camera batteries died just before this clip, but a fellow photographer lent me his. (Thank you very much)

TIP: Always carry spare batteries!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Broadband Now just £5 a month for Orange Mobile Customers!

Orange Home Broadband provides the lowest value broadband in the UK for existing Orange mobile customers at just £5 a month on a 12 month contract. 

Plus with 'No Tricks Just treats', customers never have any nasty surprises.

Why did Orange change our prices and tariffs?
  • To boost best value proposition – Orange mobile customers will be exclusively rewarded with half price home broadband for life.
  • To enhance plans with more features and no hidden costs – Customers can now enjoy a shorter 12 month contract period as well as the UK’s best value home broadband plan at just £5 a month for unlimited broadband usage (as long as they stay an Orange mobile customer)
  • Shout about great service and new dedicated broadband network – Orange Broadband was recently voted number one 1 for customer satisfaction in July’s OFCOM survey, 2011.

 Simply Broadband  Broadband 
& Off Peak Calls
& Anytime Calls
 £12.75 £5.00 +£12.75 line rental £10.00 +£12.75 line rental
  off peak calls to 01,02,03, 0845 and 0870 numbers anytime calls to 01,02,03, 0845 and 0870 numbers

Key Features:
  • Now just £5 a month for Orange Mobile Customers
  • New shorter 12 month contract
  • Orange Home broadband and Off Peak Calls plan – inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK landlines, 0870 and 0845 numbers
  • Orange Line rental for just £12.75 a month – cheaper than competitors such as BT
  • Up to 20 Meg download speeds & unlimited broadband usage
  • No broadband connection fees or hidden costs
  • Inclusive fast wireless ‘N’ class router & McAfee Family Protection with parental control
  • Orange pay monthly customers who take broadband and calls can now enjoy inclusive access to 200k Wi-Fi hot spots across the UK
  • Orange Wednesdays and Orange Film to Go

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Trick for Installing Clip-Bucket on a Godaddy Shared Host

What's the trick?

I think I am close, but need some help!

I know it is possible to do, just need the knowledge :)

I have installed other stuff on Godaddy that people say you can't such as Ioncube!

I believe it will be done in the same way, or very similar!

Ioncube was installed by creating a custom php.ini & php5.ini and uploading the ioncube to a folder at my host!

my php ini files contained:

extension_dir = ./
zend_extension = /home/content/xx/xxxxxxx/html/xxxx/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so

the php file is then uploaded to site root and I also put at my host root (as have lots of domains at my host).

now this enabled me to use a custom php.ini on a Godaddy Shared Host!

So if people can make sense of that they may be able to help me!

For Clipbucket to work, us on Godaddy Shared Hosting need to get a few things working

PHP (this should be working, but I still need to configure the settings in Clipbucket)
FFMPEG (I presume we could upload to our host, and configure)
MP3BOX (I presume we could upload to our host, and configure)
FLVTOOL2 (I presume we could upload to our host, and configure)

Any help, would be great :)


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Website Privacy Policy HTML Template

For a while I was running adverts on my sites without a Privacy Policy, I didn't realize that this was against most advertisers Terms and Conditions, such as Google's Adsense.

So I have created our Privacy Policy, and made sure any sites running adverts displayed a policy.

You can view RandomPages Privacy Policy.

I have also created my policy template in HTML, available to download instantly from http://files.randompages.info/templates/Privacy_Policy_HTML_TEMPLATE.zip

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