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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Cloud Genesis Mining Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining - DAY 0

Cloud Genesis Mining Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining - DAY 0


Hello readers,

I am going to blog my results with Genesis Cloud Mining, and share full stats and figures.

There is a lot of speculation about being able to make profit on cloud mining contracts, but with the massive jump on Bitcoin price it does seem to be worth a shot...

I honestly don't think Genesis Mining is a SCAM, is it profitable though?
It will depend on the future of Bitcoin I suppose!

With Japan accepting Bitcoin in all of there shops I am sure Bitcoin is here to stay.
In May 2017 Japan accepted Bitcoin as a currency.
In July 2017 Japan revised its law to make crypto currencies not taxable for consumers (basically exempt from our equivalent of VAT).
Due to this Japan are now accepting Bitcoin in most of their shops, and is a massive deal for Bitcoin, maybe this has been the reason for the increased Bitcoin price over the last 4 weeks?

Current Bitcoin Price

Currently 1 BTC is worth $4383 at the time of writing...
And climbed massively in last 4 weeks, here is the weekly price chart for Bitcoin.

So for this test I decided I would go with the 2 TH/s "open-ended Bitcoin mining contract".

Calculating Profitability

First I ran a calculation to see what returns I expect to see...

In this calculation I set the power to cost approximately 0.60c per day, this should cover the daily maintenance fee.

So with calculations;
Cost of the 2TH/s Contract: $300
Expected Profit Per Day: $1.78
Expected Return of Investment: 169 days (approx 5-6 months)

Now even with this calculation there are a few factors that are not taken into consideration;
1. Bitcoin prices will change!
If Bitcoin price drops too much then it could make the contract non-profitable and could cause my contract to be terminated.
If Bitcoin price increases then this will make the contract more profitable, and could result in a quicker ROI and better profits.
2. Bitcoin difficulty will increase over time, reducing the amount of bitcoins that the mining power will be able to mine. This will make the contract less profitable over time. If the price has risen massively then the contract may still work as the difficulty could be balanced by an increase of bitcoin price.

Buying the Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contract

When buying you can get 3% off the price if you use the code: 7Txzq8
Visit Genesis Mining Website

I will post further results weekly, including daily details and stats.
Keep an eye on this blog for more updates on how I get along.

Donations Welcome

Bitcoin: 14oNvAJ8ihqBQdKoEDNRT72SZT6jvE5Mb6

Litecoin: LPVdTM7c5Uu4mFvTnv8UTFUBB1AHy7f86e

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Best Crypto Coin Currency Exchanges in 2017



Even though Coinbase is an exchange and wallet.
The best exchange I have found with good rates and reasonably fast transactions was LocalBitcoins.
It is a public exchange and when you place an order the Bitcoins are held in Escrow until you send payment to seller, then when the seller confirms they have received payment it is released to your LocalBitcoin account where you can then withdraw to your actual Bitcoin address.
I found the process quite quick in comparison to other deposit methods, and was cheaper to use this method rather than most other deposit methods like Simplex and Coinbase.

Visit LocalBitcoins


I used Bitfinex to buy IOTA as this looks like a promising investment, and I predict this could rise in price over the next few months.

Visit Bitfinex

Donations Welcome

Bitcoin: 14oNvAJ8ihqBQdKoEDNRT72SZT6jvE5Mb6

Litecoin: LPVdTM7c5Uu4mFvTnv8UTFUBB1AHy7f86e

Ethereum: 0xe81161fDBa2906E28701015ba6CBFe81b152871C

Dash: XepFgVFzahWyapKPWgF1df7vmaJ2Xvutxw

Best Crypto Coin Currencies Online Wallets in 2017

With crypto currencies booming lately I thought I would write a guide with what I am learning....



This is the best online crypto wallet for BTC, LTC, ETH (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum).
It is safe and friendly to use, has two-factor secure logins, and will be easy to recover account if loose login details.

Visit Coinbase

Dash iPhone Wallet

This is a cool wallet to have on your phone, it comes with a phrase that you can use to recover your wallet if you loose your phone.
Please make sure you copy the phrase somewhere safe, else if you do not have the phrase and you loose your phone, then your account could be lost forever and any funds in the wallet could be lost too.

Get Dash iPhone Wallet App

IOTA Wallet

The IOTA wallet is a local wallet on your computer, so be sure to keep a copy of your seed so you can recover your wallet if needed.

Generate Your IOTA Wallet Seed

Download Your IOTA Wallet

Donations Welcome

Bitcoin: 14oNvAJ8ihqBQdKoEDNRT72SZT6jvE5Mb6
Litecoin: LPVdTM7c5Uu4mFvTnv8UTFUBB1AHy7f86e
Ethereum: 0xe81161fDBa2906E28701015ba6CBFe81b152871C
Dash: XepFgVFzahWyapKPWgF1df7vmaJ2Xvutxw

The Best Crypto Coin Cloud Mining Sites in 2017 Review


Genesis Mining - (Top Recommended)

This seems to be the most trusted cloud mining service available.
Please do your research before buying contracts...
But in my opinion the Bitcoin "open ended contracts" seem to be the best.
Open ended contract means: the contract will continue indefinitely until it becomes non-profitable.
I calculate at current moment August 2017, that the Bitcoin contracts will make a ROI (return of investment), after about 4-5 months. If Bitcoin prices rise even higher then it could be quicker!
After the investment has been returned, assuming the contract is still profitable, it will continue to make money for me until the contract is non-profitable and ended.
This seems awesome in my opinion, as buying a rig for Bitcoin mining it will probably take me up to 6 months to get a ROI for the machine costs and electric.
When you place an order for a mining contract use code 7Txzq8 to get a discount.

Visit Genesis Mining

Hashflare - (No Longer Recommended)

Now I would have said Hashflare was #2 for cloud mining services, but recently they screwed over all of the customers.
They have done two things, first they have doubled the price of their Bitcoin contracts which I am honestly fine about, if they want or need to charge more for their contracts that is fine and up to them. But the worst part is their contracts are now for 1 year only instead of life-time, this again I am fine about, if they want to change the length of new contracts that is up to them.
BUT and this is a BIG BUT!!!!
This is not fair as I personally bought as much as I could afford on the 30th August 2017 and I bought life-time contract and then on the 31st August 2017 they announced that all contracts will only last for 365 days starting from 1st September 2017.
I honestly feel like I have been robbed, not even sure if I will make my investment back, due to the fact they are still charging maintenance fees for the contract and I expect there will be a class action law suit against the company, if they get sued before my year is up it may be possible that the company disappears.

I should in theory get my investment back in about 6 months, assuming Bitcoin does not go down in price, as I got my contract just before they doubled the price of contracts.

But for new investments you will be lucky to get investment back in 12 months, unless Bitcoin jumps massively within the 12 months.

I do not recommend anyone to invest in Hashflare and I no longer trust them as they have broken agreements in contract. They are not honourable as a company.

Update (9th September 2017): They have apparently sold out of Bitcoin contracts (which is very strange as I can not see any reason people would buy contracts at their new price as is not really profitable). So I am now thinking that maybe all of this is just a ploy/scam for them to get ownership of their running mining machines.
We all predict that Bitcoin will go up over the next few years, so if Hashflare are making ALL contracts new and existing to a one year contract, and they do not accept any new contracts for Bitcoin, they will be able to mine Bitcoin for themselves using all of their mining machines when the 31st August 2017 comes.
Maybe am wrong about this, but let's see if they ever sell Bitcoin contracts again!
Either way I can not trust Hashflare anymore. It is a big shame as this lack of trust reflects on all cloud mining services offered by other trusted sites, and is damaging to the whole industry revolving about cryptocurrency investments.

If you do buy contracts with Hashflare please use this referral code: 211828C

Visit Hashflare

Donations Welcome

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Doge: DF5syTPzwcaVQQwiQXBbEdQva6A9hFtk8c

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Binary Options Robot Live Trading Results and SCAM Review 2017


My Journey Auto-trading With Bots

OK with all the hype I decided to try Binary Option Trading with a bot.

After looking around and checking fake and scam option trading bots... I decided to go with Binary Options Robot you can get it here: http://smarturl.it/binaryoptionsrobot

I chose this one as it looked good, and could see that some people had recorded good results.
And I checked that it was not listed as a scam or fake bot.

So after signing up you then need to deposit at one of the brokers they suggest, this is how the bot is able to give the service away for free, they get a referral fee for you joining the broker.

So I chose a broker and stared to play with it.

VIP Options

When you join you get 1 month of VIP which gives you some extra options...

The extra VIP options are:

Expiry Times
Daily or 60 Seconds

Risk Level
4 different Risk levels traders can explore while trading. These Risk Levels enable you to experience different trading rushes. With low-risk level, the Robot opts for fewer but safer trades.
With high-risk level, you can experience high profit opportunities and the Robot will be able to place a lot more trades.

Trading Strategies
These I had no clue what these were so at the beginning i just tried a few different options and combinations and I seemed to be loosing more than winning...
I managed to get explanations for the strategies and they are:

Wise Growth Strategy
Very simple strategy that will help Robot follow only most important price trends. This strategy removes “noise” and focuses on smooth price fluctuations. It is recommended for traders to use this strategy as it successfully identifies trend direction. Strategy 1 calculates values on the base of past prices and it is one of the simplest binary strategies.

Perfect Pitch Method
This strategy has very important role in identifying overbought and oversold levels. It is one of the most important strategies that successfully discovers value of assets. Binary Options Robot uses this strategy to define value by comparing a closing price with other price ranges in some time period. We can say that this strategy calculates final value according to highest and lowest range of its fluctuations.

High Yield Systems
It represents a strong measure of volatility and it works perfectly with first two strategies combined together. Depending on period of calculation it generates more binary signals for longer periods and less signals in shorter periods. This strategy helps Robot generate accurate measures of volatility on daily bases. It supports measuring volatility of certain asset based on historic data.

Capital Gain Cue
Trading with this strategy will help to define changes in asset prices. It is based on sophisticated calculation where it tracks increase or decrease of volume on market where price doesn’t have much fluctuations. Strategy 4 is perfect tool and complements other three strategies together.

Order Flow
This basically copies current orders, and is more realtime and does not use past history to predict the markets.

Calculating Break Even Point

Then you need to calculate your break even point/percent.

As with binary option trading you generally loose 100% of investment when you loose, and win about 80% of the investment when you win + the investment back.

So I looked at my currency trade payouts and the lowest is 71%

So the percent I must win to break even for a 71% payout is as follows:
Loose Percent / Win Percent = Break Even Percent
100% / 171% = 58.47%
So I must have above 58.47% winning trades, to make any money...

Another example for a payout of 80% would be:
100% / 180% = 55.55%
So I would need to have a win rate above 55.55% to make profit.

Calculating Profit Trading

To calculate the profit is easy...
First you find out your break even percent, percentage of wins for the day, money value of each trade, and the total number of trades.

Percentage of wins - Break Even Point = Profit Percent
[Trades x Profit Percent] x Trade Value = Total Profit

73.91% - 58.47% = 15.44%
[50 trades x £100] x 15.44% =  £772 Total Profit on 50 trades

Also another way to do it is:
£5 x 15.44% = 77p profit per trade
£10 x 15.44% = £1.54 profit per trade
£25 x 15.44% = £3.86 profit per trade
£50 x 15.44% = £7.72 profit per trade
£100 x 15.44% = £15.44 profit per trade

Calculating How Much You Should Trade

As a general rule you should only trade at 2% of your total balance per trade.

So use the following to work out what trade value you should be using:

£0 - £500 you should trade at a maximum of £5 per trade.
£500 - £1000 you should trade at a maximum of £10 per trade.
£1000 - £2000 you should trade at a maximum of £20 per trade.
£2000 - £5000 you should trade at a maximum of £40 per trade.
£5000 - £10000 you should trade at a maximum of £100 per trade.
£10000 - £20000 you should trade at a maximum of £200 per trade.

Progress Using Automatic Trading

Here is my progress so far...

Day 1: 26/06/2017
Not so good, and was playing with settings and ended up with a loss for the day.
I did some research and people said that the bot is more accurate trading currencies. At this point I still had no clue about whet each strategy type was. Ended up with another days loss.

Day 2: 27/06/2017
I then did more research and spoke with the bot support to get some insight and learned what the strategy types were.

So in the morning I then tried just having 'Currencies', 'Order Flow' on a 60 seconds trade, after 26 trades I won 16 giving me 61.53% win. My break even is 58.47% so that was OK trading.

14:45 to 19:00
In the afternoon I tried the same but adding 'Pitch Perfect Method' and 'High Yield Systems' as suggested by the support staff.
It did not go as well 39 trades, 20 won, 1 tie, and 18 losses. 51.28% win rate, which is too low considering my break even rate is 58.47%.

19:00 to ?
Switching back to 'Order Flow' at 60 seconds...

OK have just added up all the wins and losses so far for each currency pair [ignoring ties] to see if could see some performing better than others!

Will continue with all currency pairs and 'order flow' at 60 seconds trade...
But from the chart above, the pairs that look promising are:

The results so far are NOT good, lost over half of my balance and not feeling that I am getting anywhere using bots...

Will possibly move away from 60 sec trading, and move on to day trading, but not sure that will help, this it will just loose slowly...

Ahh shit... Just realised the risk level is not what I thought...
I originally thought it was:
'This allows you to adjust the risk level, not the risk of an actual trade.
This is the exposure of you trades, so if set to low, then you will only have one trade at a time.
I set this to high once I realised what it is, as I want to make many trades in a day.'
But really it is:
'With low-risk level, the Robot opts for fewer but safer trades.'

So with this in mind, it really wipes out most of my stats so far... As I had set to high risk most of the time!! DAMN!

Will now try this setting with remainder of balance:

I have a script running that will accept all trades while I sleep... Hopefully balance will be up when I wake up... Time is currently 23:44 on 27th June 2017... and balance is just above £80!!!

Wish me luck, I need it!!

Day 3: 28/06/2017
OK just woke up to a bigger balance of £119.
Unfortunately it did not run all night, it ran from 23:45 - 01:45 [think my router lost connection, or updates at that time] the stats are as follows:
24 Trades, 17 Wins, 6 Losses, and 1 Tie. Giving a 73.91% win rate!!
FINALLY A SUCCESS - If I can trade at 73.91% win rate then can make some real money!
09:31 and will continue to run with same settings as seemed to be making a profit of £20 per hour on £5 trades!

Just added stats so far for day... 09:40 to 20:21 did 37 trades and 23 were wins (ignoring any ties).
This gives us a win rate of 23/37 = 62.16% over that period.
Which is OK and above the break even point.
Also not sure if connection was bad or something as there were periods where trading was low, this could be a lack of signals, or something else such as my script not accepting every trade offer.

OK from 20:25 to 21:52 did 16 trades, 9 wins, 4 losses and 3 ties... giving a 69.23% win rate (ignoring the ties).

So far with these settings (23:45 last night till 22:00 today) have had 49 wins, and 24 losses.
This makes the average win rate so far: 49/73 = 67.12% which I am very happy with.
(Just a shame I did not have these settings from the start).

Hoping the win rate will be consistently in the higher 60's (the next few days will tell).

22:00 Am getting impatient and now breaking a rule, I'm gonna step up to £10 trading value... I should wait till my balance is at £500... Wish me some luck :)

Day 4: 29/06/2017

OK so quite a big mistake, DON'T JUMP TRADE STAKE.... That's the lesson today!
From 22:00 last night to 01:50 I did 34 trades at £10, 13 wins, 15 losses, and 6 ties... (13/28 = 46.42% win rate)
Balance went from £150 to less than £100...
So I reverted to £6 trades...

From 01:50 to 03:45 I did 21 trades at £6, 9 wins, 10 losses, and 2 ties... (9/19 = 47.36% win rate)

Not sure why a gap in time here? maybe I browsed to another page by accident?

From 08:30 to 10:00 I did another 6 trades at £6, 3 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties...

So the running totals for these settings (All Currencies, Low Risk, Wise Growth Strategy, Perfect Pitch Method, High Yield Systems, on a 60 Sec Expiry) are:
(23:45 27th June to 10:00 29th June)
124 trades, 74 wins, 50 losses, this is ignoring any ties, but gives 74/124 = 59.67% win ratio, which is marginally above my break point!

So what is annoying is in the trade history it does not show what strategy or signal was used to trigger the trade? So am thinking that maybe some of the strategies are not consistently good for 60 second trading on currencies; therefore am now going to try just one strategy the 'wise growth strategy' and see how that goes. Here is the settings I will now try with just the currency pairs.

Will try the above settings with £5 trades and see how that goes, I am not expecting many trades a day, but if has a better win rate, that is all that matters!

OK only did 8 trades between 13:00 and 16:00 on just the 'wise growth strategy' setting, with poor results. 8 trades, 2 wins, and 1 tie. Which is very low at 28.57% win rate. I do understand that 8 trades is not enough to give a true reading, but still seems low.

As only have small balance left, am going to switch the settings, instead of let it run out.

So now just going to have just two methods 'pitch perfect method' and the 'high yield systems' and hopefully will run better if the 'wise growth strategy' was pulling down the overall win rate.








If you want to try binary option trading with this bot, you can get it here: http://smarturl.it/binaryoptionsrobot

If you want to try binary option trading with this bot, you can get it here: http://smarturl.it/binaryoptionsrobot

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Spotting fake SMOK coils, V8 Baby X4 & V8 Baby T6

Spotting these coils is not easy at first glance, these coils are identical to look at with perfect engravings and packaging!

Even the scratch test works on the SMOK website!


But on a closer look you can spot which ones are fake!

The V8 Baby X4 should have 4 coils (quadruple coils)
The V8 Baby T6 should have 6 coils (sextuple coils)

So pop the bottom off one of your coils and look for the wires... (Ones at the top are real, bottom two are fake)

Here is closer look at the V8 Baby X4

A REAL COIL (two wires per coil)

A FAKE COIL (only one wire per coil)

Using fake coils may also cause your tank to leak from the air holes, I have lost lots of juice due to leaking from these bogus coils.

I hope this post helps people figure out why you have leaking SMOK tank and to spot these fake coils, even my local vaping shop was selling fake coils unknowingly...
The fake ones are very hard to notice unless you check the wires on the bottom.

& the scratch code is a joke as the fakers seem to have cracked the code with a code generator, so when you check the code on the official SMOK website it comes up as genuine!!

The packaging is also very good, and looks genuine!

Lucky for me I always keep the original parts from buy tank so that I can compare coils and spare parts when I buy them!

The first pack of fake coils were bought from Amazon with great reviews, and then I bought a single coil from my local vape shop which was also fake, so there must be an abundance of fake SMOK coils about!

Annoyingly the official SMOK shop does not sell the full range of coils, so finding a genuine seller will be hard...

I will update this post with original suppliers as soon as I find one!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Being charged for free text messages

Have you been charged for text messages when you have unlimited text messages on your monthly mobile tariff?

I am with O2 and recently noticed I was charged £6.33 for text messages.

Now I should only be charged for multimedia text messages. A multimedia text message is photo attached or a text message that is over 160 characters.

Now I don't mind being charged for sending a photo, and am aware that it costs me an extra 33p if I do.

But when I looked up the text message it was a short text I sent to family on newyear!
As you can see it was a short text message with no images or icons.

And I sent it to many on my contact list as did not want to manually send to each person.
The above is the list of charges for that text message.

I did get money back and will check other bills, but thought would share!

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